RT Bench

RT-Bench is an open-source framework that implements real-time features in a generic fashion, allowing different benchmarks to have the features out-of-the-box and accessible via a command line interface.

RT-Bench also provides an easy-to-use, unified command-line interface to customize key aspects of the real-time execution of a set of benchmarks.
Our framework is guided by four main criteria: 1) cohesive interface, 2) support for periodic application behavior and deadline semantics, 3) controllable memory footprint, and 4) extensibility and portability.

Application Phase Driven Resource Management

A technique to provide isolation and performance guarantees to applications sharing memory resources on server-like platforms.About Our research for phase detection in applications focuses on an end-to-end solution that is usable by the broad general-purpose community for applications on server-like machines. We aim to detect phases to provide better temporal isolation to the applications sharing resources at the different levels ...

Memory Wedding Problem

Finding Best Memory Match!About The escalating demand for high-performance real-time systems has pushed embedded hardware vendors to integrate heterogeneous computing resources onto the same chip. In lockstep with computing resources, memory resources have also increased in heterogeneity, with modern SoCs featuring multiple memory technologies including DRAM, SRAM, multi-level caches, BRAM, and NVM memories, to name a few. Different memory technologies ...